Myers Deluxe Natural 1600 Pocket

4 Free Drawers for Limied Period

1600 pocket springs (in a 150cm mttress) offers superior comfort and support in all sizes.

100% natural layers including Tree Silk, Cashmere, Silk and Wool.
A unique firmer outer edge spring on the sides prevents you rolling out of bed and allows full use of the mattress.
MyCool layer wicks away humidity keeping you cool, fresh and comfortable.
The mattress fabric includes good pro-biotic bacteria that neutralises dust mite allergens keeping your mattress clean and healthy.
Suitable for use on bedsteads. Available as platform top divan, sprung edge divan both with drawer options or as an ottoman.
A range of fabrics are available to suit any bedroom decor. Complementing headboards are avilable for this model.
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